Taste and decor sometimes change and you may decide you want a change of scenery (or you may just want to take advantage of an appreciation in price). If you find yourself with a limited edition canvas you would like to sell we may be able to take the piece on consignment. Please note that we are not able to take open edition items or limited edition paper prints as consignments.
In order to take a consignment piece, the canvas must be sold out at the publisher as well as sold out at all of our galleries. Once we determine that your piece is one that we are interested in selling, we will give you a retail price at which we think it should sell (generally a little lower than its current secondary market price). If you decide to sell it at that price you may bring it or ship it to one of our galleries.
Terms of consignment sales are as follows:

    1. Seller receives 70% of the sales price less any costs involved (e.g. cost to replace a frame if the               eventual buyer does not purchase it in the consigned frame).
    2. Seller may choose whether or not we rotate the consigned piece to other galleries in order to                    facilitate its sale.  If not, we will keep it at the gallery you ship it to.
    3. Seller may choose whether or not we re-frame the consigned piece in order to facilitate its sale.
    4. A check for the seller's portion of the purchase price will be mailed 30 days after the date the                    purchaser takes delivery of the canvas.   
    5. Art of the South reserves the right to choose which pieces we take on consignment.
    6. The image must be "sold out" at the publisher.
    7. The image may not already be available at one of our galleries either on consignment from                    another seller or a part of our existing inventory

We of course have a limited amount of space in our galleries to display consignment images.  Therefore, we cannot take all images on consignment even if they meet the requirements set forth above.  We have a solution for this as well.  You can keep the image in your home and just send us the pertinent information about the image you would like to sell.  We keep an active database of clients who want to sell.  When we get an inquiry from a customer who wants to buy a sold out image, we cross reference the inquiry with our database and contact you.  If you are agreeable with the offer to purchase, we will sell it for you and make arrangements for a call tag to get it to the customer who wants to purchase the image.

You can use the form below to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Tell us the name of the image, size, and edition.  We will let you know if we can take it on consignment in the gallery.  Even if we can't take it on consignment immediately, we may find a buyer for your art while you keep it and enjoy it in your home.

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